Idealist Technological Revolutionary


A young, red haired caucasian man with a thin build and a general nerdy air to him. Usually wearing a smile, even when the situation is a bit grim.


Any mention of Panopticon (Pan to his friends) is generally met with confusion, as his chosen Shadow Name is one he shares with one of the most powerful Ministries in the World. Panopticon the Mage insists he came up with the name on his own before realizing it was taken, but owing to the fact that he enjoys the moral high ground, he has chosen to demand that Panopticon the Ministry change its name instead of the other way around.

To any who will listen, he will loudly condemn the Servants of the Lie, and his hatred of Panopticon the Ministry is owed less to the shared name and more to what Panopticon the Mage views as a corruption of a force for good. Indeed, Pan will tell you, in front of the people we love, we can be better people, but it is often is unobserved darkness that we forget the people who once held us to a higher standard of humanity, be they parents, lovers, friends, or even the nice man on TV who told you that you were special when no one else would.

To Pan, the loss of privacy through technology has a silver lining that might someday overcome its cloud.

And sure, he’s an idealist, but he’s a Wizard now, too. It could happen.

Despite his nerdy appearance, Pan is actually rather charismatic and tends to demand attention wherever he goes. This has made him a number of friends, as well as enemies.

Free Qwen See: An odd sort of bird, but she found an odd sort of friendship with Pan through their mutual love of radio as a means of communication. The most often seen together of the Column, Pan and Qwen assist each other’s somewhat unorthodox adventures in technology and magic. They can be heard together on weeknights running an underground radio station that chronicles the oddities of the city.

Temple Builder: Bill and Pan agree on very little on the whole, but they have managed to bond over their respective obsessive hatred of a Ministry.

Inquis: In private, Pan calls her Inky. In public, Inquis calls him Irritating. They don’t really get along.

Caleb: Hierarchy fosters the Lie, but Caleb is Caleb. Respect where it’s due.

Jiminy: Inquis is scary. Jiminy is not scary. Jiminy is named after a goddamn cartoon cricket and, aware of that, Pan still has a hard time putting words together about him.

Inertia: Pan thinks she’s a cool sort of girl, even if her Legacy makes him nervous. She’s the only one with a reliable getaway car, and this one time she took him clubbing, and it was so not awkward, shut up.


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