Free Qwen See

Brain Symbiote Laden Technowizard


An especially attractive, if smoothe headed young woman with blue eyes, and a mind that always seems to elsewhere.


Free Qwen See’s plans and motives remain a mystery to many. This is not because she is secretive, on the contrary, she will eagerly tell anyone who will listen, but in the end, very few actually understand what she’s on about. To many, she embodies the Free Council obsession with marrying Technology to Magic, though to others, her experiments with riding the line between magical and non-magical effects are dangerous and hubristic works that need to be shut down immediately. Her experiments seem to fly in the face of the Guardians’ beliefs concerning great care, but at the same time, the caution with which she has proceeded so far is considered admirable by most.


Panopticon [The Mage]: Qwen considers Pan a good friend, and most importantly, a very sturdy lab partner. Together they also host a radio show where they attempt to influence the Sleeping masses towards more positive living and communicate the various unusual goings on of the city.

Caleb: Caleb seems to know what’s going on and Qwen was never really the leader type. She’s aware that it’s possibly not the best idea to let the eldest Mage take charge, given the Principles of the Free Council, but she has her own things to deal with.

Atom: A stuffy old man, but one with a depth of knowledge on matters scientific, so she enjoys occasionally sneaking away from her current lab to have chats with him. It doesn’t hurt that being on good terms with the Hierarch is probably one of the reasons her occasional mishaps are tolerated.

Temple Builder: A strange comrade indeed, but they share a love of ideal forms derived from consistent data and Qwen’s mental network has, in the past produced the occasional tidbit that Bill has been able to use where the internet has otherwise failed him. His awkwardness around her assures they’ll never quite be friends, but trust is beginning to build.

Inertia: A love of machines sadly does not always equate to common ground, and this is evident in the relationship between Inertia and Qwen. More specifically, Inertia enjoys fast cars, the work that goes into them, and the culture of street racing as a form of rebellion, whereas Qwen would prefer to discuss the pros and cons of particular specifications across industrial applications of gear utilities.

Special Notes:
A member of the Morphean Continuity, Qwen hosts a small portion of a massive Dreamtime entity that offers her a number of services in order to time share certain portions of her Self. This has a tendency to make her seem unaware of her surroundings and distant.

Free Qwen See

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