Heavy Metal Mage


A relatively tall blonde woman with blue eyes and a rocker chick aesthetic, she dresses in jeans, one of her many shirts gathered up from her concert going days, and wears a long jacket, weather allowing.

Hair: http://ticcytx.tumblr.com/post/97900757031/the-orator-some-outfit-art-from-the-rp-blog


Rancora is a Mystagogue who has traveled many curious paths in her life, but above all she was influenced by music’s resonance with the human soul. Pre-occupied with tracking the symbols of various instruments back to their Atlantean origin, she believes that many devices like the Guitar carry a Supernal potence to them. The circumstances surrounding her Awakening have lead her to both join the Reclaimers to better protect Sleepers from dangerous artifacts and to the Dreamspeakers Legacy where she formed an entourage of more… nature oriented people who viewed her love of music and spirituality as proof of her status as a shaman. The resurfacing of a man who was once a close friend before her Awakening has thrown a bit of a monkey wrench into her plans, but as a woman accustomed to dealing with the echoes of her life as a Sleeper, she took him as an Apprentice and has recently submitted him to the Consilium as a fully trained Mage.


Basil: People you care about can often be far more dangerous to you than the ones you hate, and Basil is a good example. While happy he has Awakened, his knowledge of her True Name worries her, as he’s still vulnerable enough that some of her enemies might manage to capture Basil and rip the knowledge from his still tender mind. Dancing a thin line, she managed to place him in the same Consilium and has asked Basil to keep their previous relationship a secret.

Atom: While she’s politically opposed to nuclear power, she can respect a man who knows how to run a tight ship. Cora keeps out of Atom’s way off in the forest with her Sleeper friends, and with no accidental exposures of them to the Mysteries so far, Atom has chosen to trust her.

Elochai: While very different sort of people, the wanderer lifestyle was a common ground that got them talking, and their mutual focus on the Mind Arcana has gave them academic ties, as well. A non-political sort to begin with, Ran finds Elochai to be a breath of fresh air in the complex landscape of alliances and treaties within the Consilium.


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