Temple Builder

Empowerer of Discontent


A short, somewhat pudgy man in his early twenties with brown hair and a young looking face.


Where Pan is the charismatic exception, Temple Builder (Bill to his friends) is the classic quiet, and somewhat awkward nerd. Most would probably ignore him were it not for the fact that he has managed to gain entry as a Free Councilor into the extremely exclusive Clavicularius Legacy normally reserved for members of the Silver Ladder. In those incredibly pretentious headquarters, he sticks out like an especially rude finger to many of the other members and he is very much the talk of the party, so to speak.

Not that anyone can blame them. Even ignoring his status as a member of the Free Council, Temple Builder has a number of odd beliefs. Namely, he believes that those who reject reality for the ideals of fantasy have in them the seed from which Awakening might spring. If that doesn’t sound heretical, then you might not be a Mastigos. Bill theorizes that seeking something more than what the world can actually offer indicates a will to break free from it, and he believes Mammon (and other Ministries like them) have twisted these ideals that should drive men to seek more into Idols. The difference, he claims, is that an idol is something to worship, not something to have, to be, or even be with. Icons (as he chooses to call them), are, in contrast, things to which we aspire. A god is hopelessly above you, but people can aspire to be saints.


Free Qwen See: Bill does not really talk to Qwen very often, as she is cute and bald, and he is neither. Some progress has been made between them from a shared love of recurring mathematical structures and ideal forms. They both really love the Golden Ratio.

Panopticon [The Mage]: Pan talks a lot. Bill doesn’t. It’s a match made in heaven, though they don’t hang out that often. Occasionally Pan will assist with Bill’s strange shopping trips, but only on the condition he doesn’t have to go into Bill’s “lab”.

Inertia: Occasionally does mechanical repairs on some of Bill’s machines. Refuses to talk about what goes on.

Temple Builder

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